New Year's Party in Karjala

  • Child from 5 to 7 years ₽ 10 700
  • Student ₽ 11 500
  • Adult ₽ 11 900
  • You have to prove your student/retire discount
3 days / 2 nights
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Day 1: (December 31)

Dear guests, Tervetuloa!”

 Welcoming guests at Petrozavodsk railway station: the guide meets tourists from trains that arrive from Moscow and St. Petersburg at the time of Train 18 “Moscow-Petrozavodsk” arrival (at 08.55 am) near the railway station from the city's side with SIVER pickup sign.

Tour around Petrozavodsk – music & dance program with Kantele band – New Year's feast

 Breakfast at the hotel.

Sightseeing tour around winter Petrozavodsk.History and modernity, so surprisingly blended in the look of Petrozavodsk. Festive streets, historical squares, governor's garden, Onega embankment with the famous open-air museum of modern sculpture will plunge you in a unique atmosphere of New Year’s holidays and cozy winter vibes!

"Kantele House welcomes each and every one! Kantele" - is one of the best professional bands of Karelia! Kantele also means a musical instrument, the pride of the Karelian people, the crystal sound of which plunges us into the distant past. The interactive New Year’s concert will show the ancient musical culture of Karelia: merry dancing, fascinating sounds of ancient instruments, Karelian and Finnish songs. We will learn the Karelian national dance and visit the workshop of folk apparel. Lunch at a cozy cafe in the city downtown.

Accommodation in the hotel.

In the evening, go and explore the festive streets of Petrozavodsk on your own! Don't miss a chance to drop in cozy shops and malls on the New Year's Eve.

While, in the evening, you are going to celebrate the pinnacle event of the year that is coming to an end!


Paid extra:
Onezhsky Zamok Restaurant - ₽5 800/adults, children aged 8-14 - ₽1 000 руб., under 8 years of age –free of charge (kid's a la carte menu).

Severny Restaurant ₽6,000 ₽7,000 /adults, children aged 8-14 – ₽1,500, under 8 years of age – free of charge (kid's a la carte menu).

Day 2: (January 1)

Have fun on the first day of the new year, and your next 365 days will turn into a frolic, so tells the folk wisdom.

The farmstead of the Karelian Santa Claus – Husky Farm – Deer Farm – Talvi Ukko and the winter palace of the Karelian snow maiden Lumikko

Late breakfast in the hotel.

Departure to the countryside residence of the Karelian Santa – Talvi Ukko – and the winter palace of the Karelian snow maiden Lumikko.

Talvi Ukko will invite you to his residence, while his helpmates will welcome you in the sled husky farm and the farmstead with reindeer, the favorite pets of the Karelian Santa Claus! The Karelian snow maiden Lumikko will show the palace packed with miracles and surprises.

Tour to the husky farm.

Huskies are most easy going among other breeds of Northern sled dogs. Huskies are surprisingly friendly, you will immediately feel it during your first tour around the farm. Here, you will see the Siberian and Alaskan huskies, as well as the famous, charming and kind malamute. You will explore their history, enjoy a photo shoot with them, learn how to drive a dog sled. Tour around the reindeer farm. Reindeer has long been considered the most beautiful animal of the North. These ingenuous animals have impressive height and weight. Their height sometimes reaches two meters, weight – up to two hundred kilos. The primitive images of reindeer are found in Karelia among the rock paintings made in the 4th millennium BC, in particular on the White Sea petroglyphs.

Tour to the farmstead of Talvi Ukko, the Karelian Santa Claus.

His courtyard is full of animals – geese, chickens, goats. You can take picture will all the animals living in large spacious enclosures.

Dog sledding along 1,000 meters!!! Get off the hook and feel the drive from this spin ride across the woods. Drive the dogsled and husky team yourself, who enjoy high-speed running as well! ₽2,950/person (paid extra).

Savor a refreshing cup of fragrant tea with Karelian herbs and served pastries.

Shop in Talvi Ukko's store offering a variety of souvenirs reminiscent of the snowy Karelia.

Return to the winter city.

Day 3: (January 2)

Karelia is a very hospitable and beautiful land. On our last day, to make your vivid emotions and impressions of the region even stronger, we will go on a country tour around the most stunning and peculiar attractions close to Petrozavodsk. 

Shungite center – Marcial Waters Resort – Kivach Waterfall in winter

 Breakfast at the hotel.

Shungite center. Welcome to the shungite center. You will learn about this mineral, its properties and method of extraction.

Marcial Waters is a unique group of Karelian healing water springs rich in active iron. The springs discovered during the epoch of Peter the Great helped thousands of visitors to boost their health! The power of the springs was so immense that even Peter the Great himself repeatedly visited this place. We will taste three different springs.

Next, we will enjoy a hearty lunch + Karelian liquors at a cafe!

Kivach is a plain waterfall consisting of three cascades, quite picturesque and framed by beautiful rocky shores and Karelian coniferous woods. A walk along its edges is uplifting and fills with nature's stamina; this is the place of the same-name reserve, which preserves the woods, swamps and lakes surrounding the waterfall in their pristine beauty. On the territory of the reserve, we will visit a small cozy museum of nature, buy souvenirs and just relax at one with nature with the sounds of cascading ice water.
Karelian birch arboretum.

Now, we go back to Petrozavodsk with a guide, who stays with us throughout the journey. The tour guide's story will help to make the way back quicker.

Evening Petrozavodsk, farewell to the city.

Visiting souvenir shops. Be sure to take a piece of Karelia with you, it will warm you up during winter evenings and help to wait for the upcoming summer. And in summer, Karelia offers new opportunities, vibrant emotions and impressions. Who knows, maybe we meet again! So far, see you! Be sure to enjoy dreams about Karelia for a long time since!

Railway station, departure by train to Moscow and St. Petersburg.



Beryozovaya Roshcha Hotel* continental breakfast

13 Stulyev Boutique Hotel Onezhsky Zamok *buffet breakfast

Cosmos Hotel
Karelia SPA Hotel *buffet breakfast

Double room




Single room




Extra guest




child aged 5-7 (extra guest)




Discounts for schoolchildren/students




Inclusive: transfers, 2 meals daily, hotel accommodation, concert at Kantele House, sightseeing tour around Petrozavodsk, entrance ticket to Kivach Waterfall, Marcial Waters, the Assumption Church, a gift from Santa Claus, dog sledding, tour around the deer farm, husky farm, tea with Karelian pies.

 *The company reserves the right to change the service without reducing its scope.

*In case of unforeseen circumstances, the company reserves the right to replace the tours without reducing the total scope of the program.
* Important! Depending on the dates of arrival, the tour dates may interchange, please specify during booking!

N. B.! You can book extra nights at the chosen hotel:

Hotels: 13 Stulyev Boutique Hotel, Onezhsky Zamok for ₽4,500/day (BB)

Hotels: Beryozovaya Roshcha for ₽3,000/ day (BB)


Comfortable and warm clothes and footwear to stay warm during long outdoor tours, warm hat and gloves (2 pairs), camera, a charger for a mobile phone and a camera and your positive state of mind!

Please note that the tour includes long outdoor activities! Therefore, your footwear and clothing should be warm, comfortable and suitable for different weather conditions (shoes without heels).

Travel documents: passport (national or international; for a child under 14 years old – birth certificate), citizens of the Russian Federation are recommended to take a medical policy of compulsory medical insurance for each person

Trains info:

From St. Petersburg to Petrozavodsk:

Train 012A "St. Petersburg-Petrozavodsk". Departure at 11.20 pm, arrival at 06.50 am.
Train 242A "St. Petersburg-Petrozavodsk". Departure at 01.45 am, arrival at 08.10 am.

From Petrozavodsk to St. Petersburg:

Train 805Ч "Petrozavodsk-St. Petersburg". Departure at 06.00 pm, arrival at 10.56 pm.
Train 11A "Petrozavodsk-St. Petersburg". Departure at 10.40 pm, arrival at 06.13 am.

From Moscow to Petrozavodsk:

Train 018A "Moscow-Petrozavodsk" (deluxe train). Departure at 09.05 pm, arrival at 08.55 am.
Train 092A "Moscow-Murmansk". Departure at 07.50 pm, arrival at 09.18 am.
Train 100A "Moscow-Murmansk". Departure at 04.20 pm, arrival at 08.10 am.
Train 242A "Moscow-Murmansk". Departure at 04.20 pm, arrival at 08.10 am.

From Petrozavodsk to Moscow:

Train 17A "Petrozavodsk-Moscow" (deluxe train). Departure at 09.00 pm, arrival at 08.53 am.
Train 91A "Murmansk-Moscow". Departure at 09.10 pm, arrival at 10.36 am.

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