Edem Country Club

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1 day
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Edem country club is located 30 km of Petrozavodsk, Karelia's capital. Its cozy buildings and detached houses occupy the eastern shore of the crystal-clear Lake Konch-Ozero in the purest pine wood with crisp air. In summer, mushrooms grow right on site, there are many blueberries and cowberries in the woods.
Edem country club offers an escape in Karelia away from the hustle and bustle. This is the best choice for a family holiday at one with nature in the pristine coniferous woods of Karelia.
Konch-Ozero boasts epic sandy and comfortable, gently sloping beaches. The water in the lake warms up in summer, which makes Edem one of the best picks to unwind with the whole family. It offers awesome swimming experience for children and parents alike!
Konch-Ozero is also good for leisurely fishing. You can catch perch and pike! And don't forget about the tackle! This place also offers active recreation for adults and those off the hook! Welcome to Karelia!




Daily rates, ₽

Room on the shore

Double room on Lake Konch-Ozero, 24 sqm area. Room features: double bed (2,000*1,600mm), fridge, bedside tables, LCD TV+DVD, wall lamps, desk, dining table, 3 chairs, electric kettle, microwave, set of tableware for 3 persons, wardrobe, mirror, WC+bathroom, balcony, private entrance. The rooms are located in the two-storey cottages on the lakeshore. There are 2 rooms on the floor, each with a separate exit. If desired, you can take 2 rooms on the floor. All rooms boast panoramic windows overlooking the lake. All rooms have a balcony overlooking the lake and the pine shore. Each cottage has a barbecue table for 6-8 persons and a barbecue zone. Edem country club offers 12 rooms of this type.


for 4 guests

Cottage for 4 guests, with all amenities, two-storey, with a terrace and balcony, 50 sqm area. The living room on the first floor features: foldable couch, armchair, large table, bench, LCD TV+DVD, wardrobe, mirror; kitchen with fridge, microwave, 2-burner stove, electric kettle, set of tableware and kitchen utensils, sink; underfloor heating, WC+bathroom. The second floor features a cozy bedroom with an attic window and a balcony. It has a double bed (2,000*1,600 mm), bedside tables, wall lamps, coffee table, armchair, desk, LCD TV+DVD. Each cottage has its own barbecue zone (with a table, benches, wood-fired grill). Edem country club has 5 cottages of this type.


VIP cottage
for 10 guests

Two-storey, with amenities, for 10 guests, with a terrace on the shore of Lake Konch-Ozero. Its panoramic windows offer a stunning view of Lake Konch-Ozero and the beach.
1. The first floor features: 2 bedrooms (14 sqm), living room (36 sqm) with panoramic windows and a terrace (32 sqm), kitchen, WC+bathroom.
2. The second floor features: 2 bedrooms (14 sqm) and 1 bedroom with panoramic views (32 sqm), WC+bathroom
The standard bedrooms have: double bed (2,000*1,600 mm) or twin beds (2,000*800 mm), bedside tables, LCD TV+DVD, table lamps, desk, wardrobe, mirror

The large bedroom features: double bed (2,000*1,800 mm), wardrobe, chest of drawers, 2 armchairs, pouf chair, coffee table, LCD TV+DVD, table lamps, table-dresser with chair Cottage living rooms have: dining set for 10 persons (table and chairs), couch, two armchairs, pouf chair and coffee table, racks, chest of drawers with LCD TV+DVD, chest of drawers, audio system, floor lamps, underfloor heating

The kitchen features: dining furniture, fridge, microwave, 4-burner stove, electric kettle, coffee maker, toaster, set of tableware and kitchenware, sink Located on the coast, the cottage has a living room and a terrace that overlook the lake and the shore with growing pines.



Inclusive: Basic accommodation, barbecue zone, secure parking, babies under the age of 3 without a separate bed are accommodated free of charge.

Check-in and check-out time: check-in – 2 pm; check-out – 11.00 am

extra bed (modern foldable bed) – ₽1,000, baby cot, wood-fired steam bath, snowmobile and ski tours, winter and summer fishing, sports equipment rental: in winter: skis, inflatable sleds, in summer: rowing boats, water bikes (catamarans), badminton, football, volleyball, waverunners, water skiing and wakeboard, entertainers during picnics and amusement programs, organization of sightseeing tours.

Russian steam bath – ₽1,000 per hour, minimum 2 hours Max. 6 persons.
Wood-burning steam bath – ₽2,000 per 2 hours; (max. 6 persons)

  • each next hour – ₽700
  • extra person – ₽500 per person
  • birch whisk – ₽200/pc.
  • sheets – ₽50/pc.


  • Barbecue zone – free
  • Charcoal – ₽100/bag
  • Lighter fluid – ₽100/bottle
  • Skewers – ₽40/pc.

Off-road tours, water trips on Pomora boats, helicopter sightseeing tours, Viking feasts and much more.

Edem cafe: two-storey cafe for 25 guests with a fireplace, bar, TV. Convenient for dinners, receptions, seminars, conferences... Open: from 9 am until 9 pm.
Pier: we have added a pontoon with a swimming pool, besides our completely renovated pier on the shore of Lake Konch-Ozero.

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